Hello! I’m Vincent Orback, a freelancing web developer and designer based in Stockholm, Sweden

I’m available for new projects

Teg Publishing

Teg Publishing is a book and music publisher and media production company publishing poetry, music, documentaries and podcasts.

Developed in collaboration with design studio Malmsten Hellberg.


Komm, The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies, is a trade association for companies that work with marketing and communication in Sweden.

The website is built using WordPress, sprinkled with some SolidJS. Web design by Asso, identity by Open Studio, and development by me.

Beckmans Formation 2022

Beckmans College of Design’s degree exhibition show Formation with projects made by the graduating students from the classes of 2022.

Design by Eric Rösmark. Built using Next.js and Prismic.

Hyper Human is an exhibition at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm.

Visitors are challenged by a range of ethical questions about technical and medical development at three stations. I helped develop these in collaboration with Spektra.

The graphical effects for the transparent touchscreens were made with WebGL using PixiJS as a framework.

The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images is a platform and a digital archive for queer moving images. The site is full of news, events, videos, podcasts and more about the queer film world.

Web design by Sakaria Studio and identity by Maryam Fanni.

Little Jinder

Little Jinder is Little Jinder, not much more to say. On her website you can see tour dates, read her blog, read song lyrics and buy merch.

The website is built using Next.js, Prismic and Shopify.

Välj att sluta

Välj Att Sluta (Choose to stop) is a helpline offering advice to those who seek help to change a controlling or violent behavior. Callers talk anonymously to a therapist or other professional who then suggests further treatment.

I continue to develop the interface used by the operators taking calls since the launch 2019.

The services are built using React and NodeJS.

Minna Sakaria is a senior graphic designer and design educator. Under the name Sakaria Studio she designs artistic visual identities for brands, exhibitions and individuals.

Minna provided the design and I developed this website.

I like building solid things. Things that last, things that solve real problems that need solving. I like my websites loading fast and the pace we travel the internet to be slow.

The tools I use are a mix of different technologies. Right now I’m mostly using React, React Native, Next.js, Node, MongoDB and Prismic, but I’m also used to working with Vue, PHP, WordPress, and more.

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